Message from our team:

“More than 300 million people live in the delta areas and still, a significant portion of them live below the poverty line. Climate change, unplanned urbanization, natural disasters, shrinkage of economic activity are affecting their quality of life and threatening their future livelihood. An adaptive, resilient approach for delta management is essential for ensuring the sustainable socio-economic development of delta areas.

Latest News:

New project awarded on Agro-meteorological forecasts for farmers

Delta Research Initiative is partnering with Weather Impact and New Amsterdam Consult to provide farmers in Bangladesh with daily weather forecasts combined with agricultural management advice, monsoon onset alerts and monthly seasonal outlooks. Increasing the farmers’ capacity to make data-driven decisions about water-management, irrigation..  [Read More]


Water use optimization in delta areas

Natural resources are becoming scarce in the delta areas and climate change is threatening the access and availability of available resources. Water is an important natural resources for sustaining life in the delta areas. Sea level rise, pollution, lack of proper management is reducing the water availability for drinking as well as for other activities especially for agriculture [Read More]